Samstag, 31. Mai 2008


Hi Avispa-Fans and friends,
I'm really sorry, but my internet sucks at the moment so i couldn't post here.
I'll try to fix the problem soon as possible to bring you the news from our guys.

since then,

Thank you

Samstag, 10. Mai 2008

Avispa - Kumamoto 2:4

Another shadow result...
We lost the second Kyushu-Derby against the new J2 member Roasso Kumamoto with 2:4.
It began very well with a early goal from Tatsuya Okubo, but Avispa, like most of the time this season, couldn't keep the lead and Kumamoto scored 2 goals in just two minutes.
Roasso-forward Yutaka Takahashi scored the two goals and the lead for his team. Just a few minutes before the halftime-break Joel Griffiths scored the tie.
We outshooted Roasso with 14:7, but nearly every shot from them ended in our goal.
Tomoaki Komorida scored the 2:3 and Takahashi gave us fans another punch in the face with his 3rd and final goal of the game.
Now we are waiting since the first Kyushu-Derby against Tosu for another win.

Location - Level5 Stadium (Fukuoka)
Attendence - 10,822
Weather - sunny (26℃)

1:0 - Okubo - 8'
1:1 - Takahashi - 28'
1:2 - Takahashi - 33'
2:2 - Griffiths - 41'
2:3 - Komorida - 57'
2:4 - Takahashi - 72'

GK: Kamiyama
DF: Hokuto, Nagano, Nagira, Miyamoto
MF: Tanaka, Talay, Suzuki, Hisanaga
FW: Griffiths, Okubo

Kamiyama, Nakajima, Nakaharai, Suzuki, Havenaar

-Hisanaga-Suzuki-Talay- Tanaka-

45' - Nagira > Yamagata
54' - Griffiths > Kurobe
58' - Miyamoto > Mike

18' - Tanaka
58' - Griffiths

Samstag, 3. Mai 2008

Shonan - Avispa 4:0

And we fell asleep again
We lost against Shonan Bellmare with a dissappointing 4:0 at Hiratsuka today.
Litti has to rotate alot because regular Starting 11-members Ufuk Talay, Joel Griffiths and Kiyokazu Kudo missed the game. Teruaki Kurobe and Mark Rudan were not in squad also. So Litti put Nuno into the front, and Yamagata in the midfield.
Youngsters Jun Suzuki and Mike Havenaar, who was in the squad for the first time this year, were on bench.
Everything went wrong soon with two goals from Shonan in the first 15 minutes. Adiel scored in the 11th and Naoki Ishihara in the 14th minute.
After the dissappointing first half, Mike made his season-debut and replaced Nuno up front.
Just 7 minutes after the break Naoki Ishihara found the goal again and scored the 3:0 for his team. 2 minutes after the 3:0 Litti wanted to go offensive and subed in veteran Nakaharai for Toru Miyamoto and Jun Suzuki for Yamagata in the 58th.
Licoln, who played for us a very good season last year, gave us the K.O. with the 4:0 in the 88th minute.

It always seems like that we taking a 15 minute-nap at the locker room and the guys a not really awake after the break.

The next game is a really ultimatum-match for Litti or i have to report the bad news earlier.
Avispa have to react!!!

Location - Hiratsuka Stadium (Shonan)
Attendence - 6,146
Weather - sunny (22℃)

1:0 - Adiel (11')
2:0 - Ishihara (37')
3:0 - Ishihara (52')
4:0 - Licoln (88')

GK: Yoshida
DF: Hokuto, Nagano, Nagira, Miyamoto
MF: Tanaka, Jogo, Yamagata, Hisanaga
FW: Nunobe, Okubo

Kamiyama, Nakajima, Nakaharai, Suzuki, Havenaar

-Hisanaga-Yama-Jogo- Tanaka-

45' - Nunobe > Mike
54' - Miyamoto > Nakaharai
58' - Yamagata > Suzuki

13' - Hisanaga
57' - Nagira
60' - Jogo
65' - Mike

pics from the last games:
Avispa - Kusatsu 1:1

Yamagata - Avispa 0:0

sorry that i didn't post the stats of the game
i was really busy
i hope you don't mind

Donnerstag, 1. Mai 2008

Nice goal from Hokuto!

Hokuto's nice goal at the 1:5-lose against FC Gifu after a great combination with Yamagata and Hisanaga

The stats from the games against Yamagata and Thespa will come soon