Mittwoch, 31. Dezember 2008

New year!

The new year is coming...ok, it's already there in Japan, but it doesn't matter....
With the new year and the nearly 1st anniversary of SUPER Avispa!, I decited to give this Blog a new header for a test.

You readers can vote!
Do you like the new header or should i stay with the old one?
It's your vote!

A happy and successfull new year 2009!
SUPER Avispa!

Freitag, 26. Dezember 2008

"Workers" in 2008

Here is a list, who made the most minutes on the pitch for Avispa last season.
Place. Name - Minutes - (Games)

1. Okubo - 3370 - (41)
2. Yamagata - 3163 - (40)
3. Nakamura - 2933 - (38)
4. Kudo - 2619 - (34)
5. Talay - 2548 - (37)
6. Hisanaga - 2457 - (34)
7. Nagira - 2351 - (27)
8. Nunobe - 2243 - (32)
9. Tanaka - 2231 - (39)
10. Nagano - 2217 - (27)
11. Nakajima - 2147 - (29)
12. Kamiyama - 1980 - (22)
13. Yoshida - 1800 - (20)
14. Miyamoto - 1768 - (24)
15. Jogo - 1701 - (27)
16. Havenaar - 1492 - (26)
17. Suzuki - 1010 - (18)
18. Kurobe - 919 - (23)
19. Niwa - 754 - (9)
20. Nakaharai - 727 - (22)
21. Rudan - 371 - (6)
22. Oyama - 17 - (2)
- Rokutan - 0 - (0)
- Honda - 0 - (0)
- Kugisaki - 0 - (0)
- Miyaji - 0 - (0)

Not in list:
Joel Griffiths

Training at the Samurai road

Avispa will held an one week-training camp at Shimabara-City in Nagasaki prefecture.
The team will go to Shimabara from 25th january to 31st january.
The training will held at Shibama Citys track and field place.

The city is famous for his Samurai Road (in the picture) and his castle.
Shimabara is also known as the city of carps.

10 with new contracts

10 Players will renew their contract to stay at Avispa
  • Tatsunori Hisanaga
  • Motohiro Yoshida
  • Satoshi Nagano
  • Tomokazu Nagira
  • Jun Suzuki
  • Kyohei Oyama
  • Toru Miyamoto
  • Hisashi Jogo
  • Yuji Rokutan
  • Yasuomi Kugisaki

Jun train at Getafe...Ole!

Avispa annouced today that U-20 international Jun Suzuki will practice with the B-squad of spanish side Getafe FC from Primera Division.
Suzuki will stay in Spain for a month from 29th december to 31st january.
The 19 year-old played 18 games in 2008 and scored one goal on the last day against Shonan Bellmare.
12 times he played out of the starting eleven.

Donnerstag, 25. Dezember 2008

Oyama join the U-20 for Qatar

Forward Kyohei Oyama will be one of the upcoming stars who represent Japan at the U-20 international friendly tournament in Qatar.
Japan will go to Qatar on 6th january.

11.1 / Japan vs. Tunisia
13.1 / Japan vs. UAE
15.1 / Japan vs. Serbia

Oyama just played 2 games in 2008 with 17 minutes on the pitch ...
Japanese U-20 missed the quali for FIFA U-20 WC in Egypt 2009 after a 0:3-lost to South Korea in AFC Youth Championship 2008

Mittwoch, 24. Dezember 2008

Merry Christmas!

SUPER Avispa! wish all fans of Avispa, readers, J-Blog mades
and all other ones a

Sonntag, 21. Dezember 2008

An offer for Takahashi

After Mike Havenaar is leaving us for Yokohama F-Marinos,
Avispa made an offer for Roasso Kumamotos topscorer Yutaka Takahashi (FW).
Takahashi scored 19 goals in 42 games for Roasso and finished 2nd place at the overall topscorers behind Sanfrecces Hisato Sato.
The 28-year old from Tokyo already played for Sanfrecce Hiroshima, Omiya Ardija, JEF United Chiba. In 2006 he moved to Kumamoto and in 2007 he joined the J2 with them.

Mittwoch, 17. Dezember 2008

FC Tokyo wants Hokuto

FC Tokyo
wants to make an offer for Hokuto Nakamura.
The capital club wants to find a good partner for their forward and Hokutos old friend Sota Hirayama.
Hokuto and Hirayama were classmates at Kunimi High School in Nagasaki for a few years.
Hokuto and Hirayama played together for Japans U-23 also.

Dienstag, 16. Dezember 2008

U-18 Kasagawa join A-squad

Avispas U-18 Goalkeeper Eita Kasagawa will join the A-squad in 2009.
Hasegawa was born on 25th october 1990 in Fukuoka.
He already played for Avispas U-15.
GK coach Takayuki Fujikawa icluded him into the practice of the A-squad and he impressed, so Avispa decited to give him a pro-contract for season 2009.

(picture from

All Avispa Goals in 2008

Donnerstag, 11. Dezember 2008

Thanks from Avispa!

Thank you guys!

4 Guys will leave us and we want to say thank you!

Takanori Nunobe
Ufuk Talay
Mark Rudan
Shingo Honda

Nuno was one of our vice-captains this season. With his much expericence he lead the team very well and he didn't need the captains armband for it. He stayed with us in 3 hard seasons and he really kept the team togehter!

Talay was the best of the 4 Aussies we had in the last 2 seasons. He really impressed and was not one of the foreigners who come to Japan and want to make the fast money and then leave the islands as quick as possible. Ufuk really deserves this money with 5 goals and we keep him good in our mindes.

Mark was injured the most of the season and couldn't show what he's good for. Too bad for him, but we want to thank him that he stayed with us the whole season.

Shingo was just a sub, but he did his job well

Kudo in hospital

Midfielder Kiyokazu Kudo went to hospital in Fukuoka City on tuesday for a athroscopy because of his knee-injury.
Everything worked well and now he got enough time to rest over the christmas days :)
Let's hope he can join the team as quick as possible.

Montag, 8. Dezember 2008


After a little time of sadness and frustration, we should be proud of our team and look forward to the new season and the new challanges!
We don't have to hide somewhere after we failed the expactations of the experts, because our team showed great heart, even we lost the view to our season-goal pretty early, but we ended the season 2008 with dignity and I'm sure we will be one of the favourites for a place in the top in 2009 again.


Mittwoch, 3. Dezember 2008

Hi friends and readers! :)

Hey guys,
i told you before that i nearly missed the whole season because of the shitty internet here and i wanted to tell you that I will try to write here regulaly for now on :)

The sidebar with table, topscorer will be closed and clean for now on
I work on it when the new season starts.

I can't write a season review because i missed the most
all i can write is .....disappointing......
The good news is that i will start with some rumors and moves to the new season soon :)

So I apologize again for my days off and wish you good days from the snowy Germany!