Sonntag, 31. Januar 2010

Kugisaki moved to Honda Lock

Yasuomi Kugisaki, who not got a contract for the upcoming season, moved to JFL-side Honda Lock from his home-area Miyazaki.

Yasu had his most succesfull season last year, when he played 16 games, where he replaced Takanori Nakajima on the left wingback position. Kugisaki made one assist against Yokohama FC.
Yasu began his professional career at Avispa in 2004, but was always just a benchwarmer or not even in the squad for the games most of the time.
In 5 Avispa-years, he made 27 games.

All the best from SUPER Avispa! to your upcoming challenges Yasu!

2010 uniforms!

Last week, Avispa presented their new uniforms for 2010!
I think the new uniforms look really cool and Mizuno created another masterpieces for the japanese footballworld!
I really like the away-shirt, which looked cool in 2009, but even looking better now!

Donnerstag, 21. Januar 2010

Miyazaki camp schedule

The club announced the trainings schedule for Miyazaki camp 2010 today!
Like alot of J.League teams, we will go to Miyazaki, southern Kyushu from February 15th to the 23rd to practice there for a week. Here is the schedule:

15 - Practice
16 - Practice
17 - Game vs. ???
18 - Practice
19 - Game vs. Honda FC
20 - Practice
21 - Game vs. FC Gifu
22 - Practice
23 - Game vs. V-Varen Nagasaki

Dienstag, 19. Januar 2010

2 big games for the start!

The J.League announced the two first games for every team in 2010.
We will face two big horses of the league in these two games. Our season will start with a home-game aginst Ventforet Kofu and on the 2nd gameday, we will travel to the cold north to face Consadole Sapporo.

Pray for 2010!

On sunday, the team went to Hakozaki shrine in Higashi, to pray for a luck and a successfull season.

Sonntag, 17. Januar 2010

Avispa presentation 2010

Yesterday, Avispa presented the new signings for 2010 at the season-presentation. Defenders Yosuke Miyaji, Son Jung-Ryung, Kenta Hiraishi, midfielders Genki Nagasato, Kosuke Nakamachi, Toshiya Sueyoshi and foward Masato Yoshihara are the new team-members for 2010.

The club also presented the backnumbers for the new season:

1 - Ryuichi Kamiyama
2 - Kazuki Yamaguchi
3 - Tatsunori Yamagata
4 - Shu Abe

5 - Makoto Tanaka

6 - Daiki Niwa

7 - Kiyokazu Kudo

8 - Jun Suzuki

9 - Yutaka Takahashi

10 - Hisashi Jogo

11 - Yusuke Tanaka


13 - Tomokazu Nagira

14 - Genki Nagasato
15 - Kosuke Nakamachi

16 - Hideya Okamoto
17 - Takanori Nakajima

18 - Masato Yoshihara

19 - Tetsuya Okubo

20 - Yosuke Miyaji

21 - Kyohei Oyama

22 - Toshiya Sueyoshi

23 - Yuji Rokutan

24 - Kenta Hiraishi

25 - Eita Kasagawa

26 - Son Jung-Ryung

New Players

Ex-Pro Ogami new GK-Coach

Ex-Avispa Fukuoka goalkeeper Tomoaki Ogami will train Ryuichi Kamiyama, Yuji Rokutan and Eita Kasagawa in 2010. Ogami played for Avispa from 2002 to 2004 and played 38 games. Ogami will join Avispa from his J1-side homeclub Jubilo Iwata, where he played 136 games from 1994-2001 and worked as a Goalkeeper-coach since 2005. 2008 and 2009, he trained Jubilo's pro team.

Yoshida move to Machida

Motohiro Yoshida will play for JFL-side Zelvia Machida FC from Tokyo in 2010. Yoshida joined Avispa in 2008 from Cerezo Osaka. He fighted with Ryuichi Kamiyama about the 1st choice goalie in 2008. He made 20 games, Kamiyama 22. In 2009, he became the number 1 after Kamiyama injured badly in the pre-season. Yoshida made all games till round 36. At the 36 round, he crashed with Makoto Tanaka and suffered a head injury and was replaced by Yuji Rokutan, who never played a pro-game before. Yoshida just played a single Emperor's Cup-game after his injury.

Thanks Moto and all the best!

Daiki will stay...completely!

Captain Daiki Niwa transfered from J1-side Gamba Osaka to Avispa Fukuoka. The Osaka-born came to Avispa in 2008, after a successless loan-time at Omiya Ardija. Niwa improved himself at his time here, so he became a full member of the starting 11 and the captain of the team at the age of 23.

7 players renewed

7 Players renewed their contracts in the last weeks for season 2010.
  • Yuji Rokutan
  • Makoto Tanaka
  • Takanori Nakajima
  • Jun Suzuki
  • Yusuke Tanaka
  • Yutaka Takahashi
  • Tetsuya Okubo

Freitag, 8. Januar 2010

Nagai made his first nationalteam minutes

Kensuke Nagai made his first game for Japan Daiyho!
At the AFC Asia Cup 2011 qualifiers against Yemen, Nagai played the last 5 minutes after he was sub in for Yokohama's Kazuma Watanabe, who also celebraited his debut for Japan.
Japan won the game with 2:3 after a 2:0-behind. Man of the match was Hokuto's best friend Sota Hirayama, who scored all 3 goals for Japan.

Here you can see a little report about the security at the training/game

Fukuoka University lost final

Without Kensuke Nagai, who played with Japan against Yemen, the Fukuoka University lost the All Japan University Championship against the Meiji University with 2:1

Nagano and Wellington leave Avispa, but stay in Fukuoka prefecture

Defender Satoshi Nagano and midfielder Wellington found a new club. Both will play for J2's new face and our neighbourhood dudes Giravanz Kitakyushu.

Jogo and Kudo renewed

Midfielder Hisashi Jogo and Kazuyuki Kudo renewed their contracts for the next season.

Dienstag, 5. Januar 2010

2 new faces for Avispa

The club announced the joining of 2 new players. Tokyo Verdy's Genki Nagasato will join Avispa for 2010. Nagasato, who is the older brother of the Nadeshiko Japan and NTV Beleza Nagasato-sisters, played 36 games for Verdy in 2009 and scored 2 goals. He didn't play many games in the first round of the season and came from the bench most of time in the second round.
Nagasato's best game was the season-final against Consadole Sapporo. He assisted the 1:0 and scored the 2:0. Verdy gave away the victory in the 92th minute and the game ended 2:2.

The second new player is Kenta Hiraishi, a defender from the freaky guys of FC Ube YAHHH-MEN, who play in the Chugoku League. Before he joined the YAHHH-MEN, The defender played for Fukuoka Univeristy.

Freitag, 1. Januar 2010

Tatsunori Hisanaga

At Avispa: 1996-2009

Backnumber: 24, 11, 16

Position: Winger (MF)

Games: 237
Goals: 12

Now: Volca Kagoshima

Hisanaga was a great midfielder, who started his career back in 1996 at Avispa. The Kagoshima-born got great speed, dribbling and captain skills. He spent his entire career at Avispa, he just left the club on loan to Yokohama in 2002 and Omiya from 2004 to 2006. Specially at Omiya he was a important part of the team and played 101 games and scored 8 goals in 3 seasons.
In 2009, he had a bad injury and only played 3 games. 2010 he moved back home to Kagoshima to join Kyu-League-side Volca Kagoshima.

Takahashi scored Avispa-Goal 2009

You voted your Avispa-Goal of the year!
The winner is....Yutaka Takahashi!

1 - Takahashi's BOOM - 3 votes - 42%
2 - Jogo's rocket - 2 votes - 28%
3 - Yusuke's run - 1 vote - 14%
3 - Oka's "Did you see that?" - 1 vote - 14%
4 - Kudo's left cracker - 0 votes - 0%

Thanks for voting!

Happy new year!

SUPER Avispa! wish all fans of Avispa and blog-readers a happy and successfull new year 2010!