Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2010

Nakaharai retired

Midfielder Daisuke Nakaharai retired. The 32 year-old Kanagawa-born was nothing more than a player who come from the bench, after he joined us again in 2008. Nakaharai started his career at Avispa back in 1997 and was a really promising player in the late 90s - early 00s.
In 2002, Daisuke joined Kyoto Purple Sanga and played a good role there in 6 seasons, but after he came back in 2008, he didn't really make the braketrough into the starting eleven.

Games for Avispa: 168
Goals for Avispa:

Otsuka is the new President

Tadashi Otsuka is the new president of Avispa Fukuoka.
Otsuka worked in the managment of Fukuoka's women soccer club Fukuoka J Anclas before.

Oyama strikes again...with a hattrick!

On 23rd, Avispa played a pracitce match against FC Gifu and won with 6:1!
Kyohei Oyama scored 3 goals and played another good game after the 2 goals against Honda FC on the 19th. Genki Nagasato, a stundent and Hideya Okamoto scored the other 3 goals.

0:1 - Oshitani
1;1 - Genki Nagasato
2:1 - Kyohei Oyama
3:1 - Kyohei Oyama
4:1 - Kyohei Oyama
5:1 - Student
6:1 - Hideya Okamoto

Freitag, 19. Februar 2010

Oyama scored twice against Honda

Avispa played a practice match against JFL-side Honda FC at Miyazaki camp today and won 3:0 in a regular 45x2 match.
Kyohei Oyama and talent Masato Yoshihara scored the goals.

1:0 - 34' - Kyohei Oyama
2:0 - 38' - Masato Yoshihara
3:0 - 79' - Kyohei Oyama

Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2010

Avispa's practice matches

Avispa played 3 practice matches in the last weeks.
In the first one, Avispa blowed away the young buddies from Fukuoka University with 8:1. The second a good 4:0-win against JEF United Chiba. The third one was a 1:2-lost against J1-side Montedio Yamagata and the last one was a 3:2-win against J2 champions Vegalta Sendai on yesterdays wednesday.

At this games, talent Masato Yoshihara showed really good performances and scored 3 goals.
Also Jumbo Okubo and new signing Genki Nagasato scored 3 times.

There were no details about the line-ups

Avispa 8-1 Fukuoka Uni
1:0 - Toshiya Sueyoshi
2:0 - Own goal
3:0 - Genki Nagasato
4:0 - Jun Suzuki (PK)
5:0 - Yosuke Nakamachi
6:0 - Masato Yoshihara
7:0 - Kyohei Oyama
7:1 - Kishida
8:1 - Own goal

Avispa 4-0 Chiba
1:0 - Tetsuya Okubo
2:0 - Genki Nagasato
3:0 - Genki Nagasato
4:0 - Tetsuya Okubo

Avispa 1-2 Yamagata
1:0 - Masato Yoshihara
1:1 - Tomotaka Kitamura
1:2 - Takuya Sonoda

Avispa 3-2 Vegalta
1:0 - Masato Yoshihara
1:1 - Takayuki Nakahara
1:2 - Takayuki Nakahara
2:2 - Tetsuya Okubo
3:2 - Student

Miyahara will coach the U-18

Midfielder Yuji Miyahara retired and will be one of the coaches of Avispa's U-18.
Miyahara played 36 games in the last season. Before he joined us last year, Yuji played at Ehime, Sagan, Cerezo and Nagoya.
He played for the first time from 2002 to 2004 and played 48 games and scored 2 goals at this time.