Samstag, 31. Oktober 2009

89th Emperor's Cup - Fukuoka is out of race

We lost to J.League champion Kashima Antlers in the 3rd round of the 89th Emperor's Cup with 3:0. We lost the game in the first half, when Kashima scored all their goals in the first 45 minutes.
The hurdle was a bit to high for us, so we won't have the chance to take revange to Vissel Kobe for the lose in the playoffs back in season 2006.
We lost against the current and maybe the new champion, so the team shouldn't be to dissapointed.
Kurobe and Suzuki said after the game that it wasn't easy to play the second half with a 0:3-behind, so they can't play their game they wanted to play.
Now they want to concentrate on the last 4 games in the J2 and want to reach the last goal this season: to finish on 10th place.

The Fukuoka University wasn't luckier than the big guys from the city.
The Daigaku-guys lost to Gamba Osaka at Banpaku with 6:1. The good news is, that Kensuke Nagai scored the only goal for his team and showed his skills against a much bigger team again.

Freitag, 30. Oktober 2009

89th Emperor's Cup - 3rd round

Tomorrow will be the biggest game of the season so far. We will face the current J.League champion Kashima Antlers at their home Kashima Stadium.
Kashima wasn't in a good shape for a long time, but beated Chiba with a good 3:0 at home. They should have alot self confidence now...maybe to much.
They would be not the first team in this years tournament, which underrate a smaller team and lost badly.

We can play with the best team we got so far, instead of the injuries.
Jumbo and Nakajima are fit hopefully and can play the full 90 minutes.

Possible Starting 11






Nagira could go back in to the central defence or Nagano will start and Nagira could play on Nakajima's position if Nakajima is not ready for the full 90 minutes already.
Kurobe will start up front like the last weeks and will replaced by Takahashi in the second half and switch the position with Jumbo. Let's see how Kurobe can handle it against strong defenders like Iwamasa and Inoha. Jumbo vs. Iwamasa will be a good fight. Both are tall and got superb physical conditions. On your left side, It will be a good duell between young and old: Kiyo Kudo will face Atsuto Uchida.
It will also be interessting to see how our central defender can play against Koroki and Marquninhos.

It will be a hard game, but the 2nd round showed:
Nothing is impossible!

Montag, 26. Oktober 2009

[J2-R47] Verdy 1-0 Avispa

A painfull lose in the top 10 race...
Another boring game from us away. Wide shots from out of the box, which wasn't really effective and chances you can't call chances. Yusuke, Jumbo and Nakajima made their comback after the injuries.
In the 78th minute, Miyahara prevented a good chance for Verdy with grapping the green shirt. A an ok red card.
The second one in two games after Suzuki's last week against Gifu.
The best chance from Okamoto hit the crossbar.
In all the worst things we showed this afternoon, Jumbo earned his 4th yellow card and will miss the hard challenge against Kofu, who beated us 6:0 at Kose in Summer.

Starting 11
GK: Rokutan
DF: Yamagata, Niwa, Nagano, Nagira
MF: Yusuke, Miyahara, Takahashi, Abe, Kudo
FW: Kurobe

Bench: Yoshida, Nakajima, Nakaharai, Okamoto, Okubo

1:0 - 33' - Hiroki Kawano

45' - Kurobe -> Okubo
45' - Nagira -> Nakajima
67' - Kudo -> Okamoto

67' - Abe (2)
71' - Okubo (4) - will miss next match
78' - Miyahara


Samstag, 24. Oktober 2009

How about Toru?

Toru plays an important role at Tochigi's defence since the first day he came to the yellow ones.
He played in all 12 games the full 90 minutes under his old Avispa-coach Hiroshi Matsuda, who coached Avispa from 2003 to 2006.
Tochigi SC tied with Tokushima Vortis 0:0 today and is on 17th place in the table.

Freitag, 23. Oktober 2009

Miyaji will join the team

Our designated defender Yosuke Miyaji from Fukuoka University will join Avispa Fukuoka in 2010. He and his University-mate Kensuke Nagai are our two designated players in 2009.
Miyaji is the second player, who decited to join Avispa Fukuoka in 2010 after Avispa youth-player Masato Yoshihara a few weeks ago.

Jogo is out for 6 months

Today's bad news...
Midfielder Hisashi Jogo suffered a cruciate ligamet rupture in the Emperor's Cup-game against Ehime FC at Matsuyama (0:1) a few days ago and will be out for over 6 months!
Yesterday, Jogo went to Fukuoka Hospital for the operation. The operation went fine.
Now he has to stay in hospital for 3~4 weeks.

Avispa-Roasso - Video

[J2-R46] Avispa 1-0 Gifu

Hey Guys, I'm back

Good and bad news...
The good up first of course.
Avispa won the game on wednesday against FC Gifu at LEVEL5.
A pretty even game, where Gifu dominated the first and Avispa was better in the second.
Gifu outshoted us with 9-12. Jun Suzuki was red-carded in extra-time. The goal came just a few minutes later. The ball came into the box after a long Nagira-ball from the left. Takahashi took it and passed it to Okamoto and then came the big trouble. The Gifu-players tried to clear the ball but lost the view. Okamoto took the chance to score the ball into the net. Not really nice, but a goal is a goal. A lucky win after a long extra-time and good referee-desicions for us... instead of Jun's red card.

Starting 11
GK: Rokutan
DF: Yamagata, Niwa, Nagano, Nagira
MF: Suzuki, Miyahara, Takahashi, Abe, Kudo
FW: Kurobe

Bench: Yoshida, Wellington, Nakaharai, Okamoto, Nagai

1:0 - 89' - Hideya Okamoto

54' - Kurobe -> Nagai
66' - Miyahara -> Okamoto
81' - Kudo -> Nakaharai

82' - Nagai (1)
89' - Suzuki

Okamoto's goal

Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2009

Capital Adventure Vol.13

F.C. Tokyo destroyed Kashiwa at Ajinomoto with a stunning 4:0 and is still in the championship race with Kawasaki, Kashima, Shimizu, Gamba, Niigata, Hiroshima and Urawa...not less than 8 teams got the chance to made it to the top this year!
Hokuto (with new red-blond hair) played 14 minutes and was subbed in for captain Naotake Hanyu in the 76th minute.
Now, Hokuto played 7 games with 1 goal.

[J2-R45] Kumamoto 0-1 Avispa

A good game from Avispa with an important victory!
Shinoda had to switch on positions after the injuries from Jogo, Yusuke and Okubo.
Takahashi returned to the starting 11 on Jumbo's position behind Kurobe. Also Jun Suzuki made his first game from the beginning after the youth tournaments in Seoul and Spain. He played for Yusuke on the right wing.
Miyahara replaced Jogo in the central midfield.
The game started with a shock for us. Takanori Nakajima got injured again in the 19th minute.
He came back to the pitch, but had to leave it in the 24th minute. Yamagata replaced him. Nakajima suffered a foot injury.
In the 35th minute, Kudo Kiyo scored a cracker after a 3 man-combination from Rokutans goalkick. Rokutan's ball landed on Kurobe's head, from Kurobe's head to Kudo's, who headed it to Takahashi. Kudo started a run into the empty space behind Takahashi's back. Yutaka played a good pass into this empty space what happend because one Roasso-defender covered Takahashi and the other Suzuki, and Kudo finished it with a left foot cracker!
Roasso played lazy but hard. Just 3 shots on our goal over the whole 90 minutes, but the referee gave us 27 freekicks and 5 yellow cards to Roasso.

Starting 11
GK: Rokutan
DF: Nagira, Niwa, Nagano, Nakajima
MF: Suzuki, Abe, Takahashi, Miyahara, Kudo
FW: Kurobe

Bench: Yoshida, Yamagata, Wellington, Nakaharai, Okamoto

0:1 - 35' - Kiyokazu Kudo

24' - Nakajima -> Yamagata
65' - Kudo -> Okamoto
78' - Kurobe -> Nakaharai

83' - Rokutan (1)
84' - Suzuki (2)

Kudo's goal

Freitag, 16. Oktober 2009

Hall of Fame

Maybe the post about Avispa's past players daze you, but these are posts for the new "Avispa Hall of Fame"at SUPER Avispa!. You can find it at the sidebar! I think every player in the list deserved it to get a place in this hall.

Enjoy it!

Mitsuru Chiyotanda

At Avispa: 2003-2006

Backnumber: 5

Position: Central back

Games: 139
Goals: 14

Now: Nagoya Grampus

The Fukuoka-born was the big man in our defence for 3 years and a major part for Avispa's success during that time. A physical strong guy, who's was the big man in Niigata's defence where he moved, when we relegated after the 2006 season. We don't blame him for the move, because he proved that he's a J1-class defender and show it for 3 years. 2010, he moved to Nagoya Grampus and didn't already make the breaktrough.

Chiyo's beauty header 2009

Donnerstag, 15. Oktober 2009

A big "Thank you" from Makoto

On monday, fans had the chance to meet Makoto Tanaka at the Avispa headquater.
Many fans brought him presents and nice words after his bad facical injuries he suffered in the game against Shonan Bellmare.
Not just the Avispa Fukuoka-fanbase but also the great fanbase he still got at Jubilo Iwata where he played for 14 years and and even fans from Kanto and Kansai send him letters or came to Fukuoka.

"Thank you for the many letters you sent me and i appreciate your kind and supporting words you wrote. The many thousand feather cranes you gave me really encourage me to come back soon to help the team."

Alex - Alex Antônio de Melo Santos

At Avispa: 2003-2007

Backnumber: 9, 3

Position: Allrounder (DF,MF,FW)

Games: 195
Goals: 41

Now: JEF United Chiba

Our most effective allrounder! No brazilian, who just stayed for one season, Alex really helped the team. From 2003 to 2006, he played in the defence. 2007 Littbarski used him as a striker and Alex exploded with 26 goals in 45 games.
After the dissapointing season, he moved to the Chiba area and played for Kashiwa in 2008 and now playing for JEF.

All 26 goals from Alex in 07

Hokuto Nakamura

At Avispa: 2004-2008

Backnumber: 29, 22, 14

Position: Winger (DF, MF)

Games: 109
Goals: 11

Now: F.C. Tokyo

The most talented player Avispa ever got! A superstar at all supporters, not just at girls. great speed- and technical skills. A big pressure lay on his shoulders all the years, but he handeled it with brave. All were shocked when he get injured in 2007 and was out for most of the season. In 2008, he showed his great talent again and made the deserve move to J1-side F.C. Tokyo and his old Kunimi-mates Sota Hirayama and Yuhei Tokunaga.

Hokuto's 1st goal for Tokyo

Hokuto's Song

Takanori Nunobe

At Avispa: 2006-2008

Backnumber: 6

Position: Allrounder (DF,MF,FW)

Games: 105
Goals: 11

Now: Coach (Kashiwa Reysol)

Our beloved mate!
Nunobe made himself in shortest time to one of the supporters Favourite. A very grounded player with a big heart. His great allrounder-skills, his view to read a game and his awsome captain-skills to keep a team together and the fighting spirit high made him to the daddy of the team and a Fukuoka-Legend!

Nuno's goals at 07 and 08

Nuno sing his own song

Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2009

Avispa-Toyama - Video

Sorry, that i didn't post game reports of the last games, but i was pretty busy the last weeks...
here are the results of the games:

40 - Consadole Sapporo 1-0 Avispa Fukuoka
41 - Avispa Fukuoka 0-0 Tokushima Vortis
42 - Ehime FC 0-1 Avispa Fukuoka
43 - Cerezo Osaka 0-0 Avispa Fukuoka
44 - Avispa Fukuoka 1-1 Kataller Toyama

The Super-Header from Jumbo against Ehime

[Training Match] Avispa 1-2 Hiroshima

Yesterday, Avispa played an trainingsmatch against J1-side Sanfrecce Hiroshima at the trainings ground and lost with 1:2. Both teams played with there reserve players. Avispa played with some stundents and U-18s including talent Masato Yoshihara. Sanfrecce also played with some youth players.

Starting 11
GK: Kasagawa
DF: Yamagata, Student, Yamaguchi, Kugisaki
MF: Alex, Student, Oyama, Student, Okamoto
FW: Takahashi

1:0 - 14' - Yutaka Takahashi
1:1 - 52' - Takuya Marutani
1:2 - 62' - Ryuichi Hirashige (pen.)

67' - Oyama -> Yoshihara
70' - Okamoto -> ?

Our bests are out!

Bad news arrived at the Avispa Headquater today. Our best players this season suffered injuries in the Emperor's Cup 2nd round match in Matsuyama against Ehime FC.
Hisashi Jogo, Yusuke Tanaka and Jumbo Okubo got injured and will miss the next games. All went to Fukuoka City Hospital today.

Jogo got the worst injury of the three. Jogo suffered a bad cruciform ligament damage and need an operation. The date of the hospitalization and the operation are open for the moment, but the club will inform the fans as soon as possible, but unfortunately the season is over for our best midfielder this year.

Yusuke sprained the angle of his right foot and will be out for ca. 2 weeks
Jumbo suffered the same injury like Yusuke and will be out for ca. 2 weeks too. Both will do rehabilitation with the medical staff.
Jumbo and Yusuke are our two best strikers with 12 and 9 goals so far.

Sonntag, 11. Oktober 2009

89th Emperor's Cup - Fukuoka-News

Avispa won the 2nd round game of the 89th Emperor's Cup against Ehime FC with 4:2 after penalty-shootout. After 90 minutes, the score was 2:2.
Teruaki Kurobe and Daisuke Nakaharai scored the goals on our site.

It wasn't our best squad today, because some keyplayers like Jumbo Okubo or Kiyo Kudo missed it.
Goalkeeper Motohiro Yoshida celebraited his comeback after a J2 game-break over a month.

Next game, we have to play aginst champion Kashima Antlers who beated Arte Takasaki with 1:0.
Antlers are in not good shape, so maybe there is a little chance for us to land a huge suprise!

The Fukuoka University landed a big suprise already!
The young boys beated Mito HollyHock with 2:3 on yesterdsay's 2nd round games.
Guess who shot the FU into the next're right, our beloved supertalent Kensuke Nagai. In the 3rd round, FU must play against Gamba Osaka away at Banpaku.
They beated Mito, so now it's time for a bigger challenge!

Not easy games for the Fukuoka teams...

Freitag, 2. Oktober 2009

Tanaka left hospital

The club announed yesterday that Makoto Tanaka left the Fukuoka City Hospital on tuesday.