Montag, 28. Dezember 2009

Sueyoshi joined Avispa

Toshiya Sueyoshi will play for Avispa Fukuoka in 2010!

Name: Toshiya Sueyoshi
Date of birth: 18.11.1987
Height: 174cm
Weight: 70kg
Position: Midfielder

The 22-year old midfielder and Fukuoka-native won the Kyushu-University Championships with FU and got the chance to win the All Japan University Championships with Fukuoka on january 6th against Meiji University.

Toru move to Tochigi...completley!

Our Defender Toru Miyamoto, who played for Tochigi SC on a loan deal, will join Tochigi by a full transfer now, the club annouced. Toru started his career at Avispa in 2001 and played 177 games and scored 5 goals till this summer, when he moved to Tochigi.
In 2009, Toru wasn't in Shinoda's plans for the season and just played 14 games. At Tochigi, he is a starter and get alot of playing time.
Thank you Toru for all you've done for Avispa! SUPER Avispa! will follow you at the yellow-shirts!

Kurobe will join Toyama

The club announced today, that foward Teruaki Kurobe, who didn't get a new contract for the next season, will move to Kataller Toyama. Kurobe joined Avispa in 2008, when he signed from J1-side JEF United Chiba. He played 55 games for us, but just scored 4 goals.

Good luck at Toyama!

Samstag, 26. Dezember 2009

Fukuoka University in Championship-final!

After they won the Kyushu-Championships, the boys from Fukuoka University, with Yosuke Miyaji and Kensuke Nagai, made it to the final of the All Japan University Championships! The FU beated Komazawa University with 2:1 and will face Meiji University, which beated Kansai University with 2:0. Minoru Ichikawa in the 10th and Yutaro Takahashi in the 66th minute scored the goals for Fukuoka.

The final will be on january 6th. Also on january 6th, the national team will play against Yemen. Nagai is a member of the squad, so let's see what game will he play. Will he help his team to become the best university-football team in Japan or will he take the chance to make his first game for Japan Daihyo?

Okamoto to Avispa by full transfer

We signed talent Hideya Okamoto from Gamba Osaka by a full transfer. This season, Okamoto was just on loan from Gamba Osaka. He played a really well season with 35 games, 5 goals, 1 assist and 1670 minutes of playing time. He really impressed me.

Montag, 21. Dezember 2009

Nagai called up for nationalteam!

Fukuoka University's big talent and our designate player Kensuke Nagai who is one of the biggest forward-talents in Japan, was called up for the nationalteam-squad for the Yemen-game!!!
Nagai is just one out of Okada's very young squad, with players like Tokyo's Gonda and Yonemoto, Nagoya's Kanazaki or Kashima's Osako.

The Asian Cup-quali game will be played on 6th of january.
Avispa should sign him before this game, because nobody know how good or bad he will play in this game. If he play good, he will grow the interests of other clubs. So Avispa, please sign him as quick as possible!

New contracts for Kamiyama and Nagira

The club renewed the contracts with Ryuichi Kamiyama and Tomokazu Nagira today.

Sonntag, 20. Dezember 2009

From the top to Tokyo bay's south?

Sports newspaper Sports Hochi reported, that the Yokohama F. Marinos wants to sign Hokuto with a loan deal.
Hokuto should replace Takanobu Komiyama who is close to sign with 2009 2nd placed and Nabisco Cup-finalist Kawasaki Frontale.
It would be a good desicion, because with Yuhei Tokunaga and Naohiro Ishikawa, who are current nationalteam-members, it's very hard to get playing time on his right side.
Hokuto would meet some old Kunimi-friends like at FCT. Hokuto played together with Shingo Hyodo and Rookie of the Year and Marinos' goalgetter Kazuma Watanabe at his high school-time in his hometown Nagasaki.

Freitag, 18. Dezember 2009

Abe with a full transfer

Midfielder Shu Abe, who joined us last summer got a full transfered now the club announced today.
Abe played 17 games with 0 goals and one assist.

Donnerstag, 17. Dezember 2009

New physical choach

Yoichi Matsumoto, who was one of the coaches from JEF United Chiba's U-18 will join Avispa as the new physical choach.
Matsumoto will replace Hideaki Fujino, who left the club.

Donnerstag, 10. Dezember 2009

Fujino and Fujikawa will leave the club

The club annouced today that they will not renew the contracts of physical coach Hideaki Fujino and goalkeeper coach Takayuki Fujikawa.

Mittwoch, 9. Dezember 2009

Jun is out for 2 months!

Midfielder Jun Suzuki will be out for ca. 2 months!
Suzuki suffered a metatarsal fatigue fracture in his right foot on saturday at season-final against Yokohama FC.
He was subbed out for Shu Abe in the 65th minute, because his foot hurted. On monday, Suzuki went to Fukuoka City Hospital to chek his foot and the doctors diagnosed the bad injury. Jun will go under surgery on friday and will be out for ca. 2 months before he can start with practice again.

Dienstag, 8. Dezember 2009

"Workers" in 2009

Like 2008, Place - Name - Minutes - (Games)

1 - Tetsuya Okubo - 4067 - (48)
2 - Tatsunori Yamagata - 3945 - (45)
3 - Motohiro Yoshida - 3240 - (36)
4 - Hisashi Jogo - 3107 - (38)
5 - Daiki Niwa - 2981 - (35)
6 - Yutaka Takahashi - 2855 - (44)
7 - Tomokazu Nagira - 2805 - (35)
8 - Jun Suzuki - 2770 - (39)
9 - Yusuke Tanaka - 2747 - (40)
10 - Takanori Nakajima - 2664 - (31)
11 - Makoto Tanaka - 2565 - (29)
12 - Kiyokazu Kudo - 2154 - (34)
13 - Yuji Miyahara - 1965 - (36)
14 - Wellington - 1705 - (25)
15 - Hideya Okamoto - 1670 - (35)
16 - Yuji Rokutan - 1350 - (15)
17 - Satoshi Nagano - 1311 - (19)
18 - Yasuomi Kugisaki - 1310 - (16)
19 - Shu Abe - 1295 - (17)
20 - Teruaki Kurobe - 1243 - (32)
21 - Daisuke Nakahrai - 695 - (23)
22 - Kyohei Oyama - 529 - (11)
23 - Kensuke Nagai - 164 - (5)
24 - Tatsunori Hisanaga - 143 - (3)
25 - Alex - 85 - (5)
26 - Kazuki Yamaguchi - 13 - (1)
- - Ryuichi Kamiyama - 0 - (0)
- - Yosuke Miyaji - 0 - (0)

Samstag, 5. Dezember 2009

Hokuto's 2009 in Tokyo

It was a so-so-season for our beloved dude in the blue-red jersey of the capital club.
Just before the season, Hokuto got injured in a game agaisnt J2-side Consadole Sapporo and was out for a long time. Hokuto made his first game against Yokohama F. Marinos at Nissan Stadium on J1's 12th round.He came on as a substitute for Yohei Kajiyama and just 7 minutes later, he scored his first goal for his new club!

After this great start, everything was looking good and Hokuto came on as a sub again in the next game, but in the Nabisco Cup group stage, he got injured again against Montedio Yamagata.
After he got through this injury, he played a game, didn't play, played, didn't play...
Hokuto shot another cracker at the Emperor's Cup 3rd round-game against J2-side Thespa Kusatsu with a great freekick.

Just a few days before, Hokuto and F.C. Tokyo celebraited a big 2:0-win against Tokyo bay-rival Kawasaki Frontale in the Nabisco Cup-final at National Stadium Kokuritsu in Tokyo.
Hokuto was in the squad, but didn't make it on pitch...
It was the first title for Hokuto in his career and the 2nd for F.C. Tokyo, after they win this cup back in 2004 against Urawa Reds.

In the last 3 games, Hokuto started as a starter on Naohiro Ishikawa's season, who played a monster-season. Hokuto didn't looked so bad and scored a really, really nice goal at today's season-final against Albirex Niigata at Niigata "Big Swan" Stadium.

Hokuto's Stats 2009
Games: 10
Goals: 2
Minutes on pitch: 380
Nabisco Cup Winner 2009
Emperor's Cup goals: 1

GOOD LUCK IN 2010!!!

What's your Avispa-Goal of the year?

I give 5 out of the 52 goals of 2009!

Nr. 1 - Takahashi's BOOM

Nr. 2 - Jogo's rocket

Nr. 3 - Yusuke's run

Nr. 4 - Kiyo's left cracker

Nr. 5 - Oka's "Did you see that?"

Avispa-Topscorer-List 2009

Here is the Avispa Fukuoka-Topscorer-List of season 2009

1 - 17 points - Tetsuya Okubo - 16 goals / 1 assist
2 - 16 points - Yutaka Takahashi - 8 goals / 8 assists
3 - 10 points - Kiyokazu Kudo - 3 goals / 7 assists
3 - 10 points - Yusuke Tanaka - 10 goals /0 assists
4 - 9 points - Hisashi Jogo - 5 goals / 4 assists
5 - 6 points - Hideya Okamoto - 5 goals / 1 assist
6 - 5 points - Teruaki Kurobe - 3 goals / 2 assists
7 - 3 points - Jun Suzuki - 0 goals / 3 assists
8 - 2 points - Takanori Nakajima - 0 goals / 2 assists
8 - 2 points - Yuji Miyahara - 0 goals / 2 assists
9 - 1 point - Daiki Niwa - 1 goal / 0 assists
9 - 1 point - Tatsunori Yamagata - 0 goals / 1 assist
9 - 1 point - Shu Abe - 0 goals / 1 assist
9 - 1 point - Yasuomi Kugisaki - 0 goals / 1 assist
9 - 1 point - Wellington - 0 goals / 1 assist

[J2-R51] Yokohama 2-2 Avispa

Well, the season is over...and it ended with a little teardrop
All started good with a goal from Jumbo in the 19th minute.
After a foul on Suzuki, Kudo played a quick freekick, same idea against Kofu, and passed to Jumbo.
The Yokohama-defence was not ready for that, like Kofu's, so Jumbo was all alone and scored the 0:1. In the 39th minute, Yokohama's Hayakawa scored the 1:1 after a cornerkick.
Nanba took the 2:1-lead for YFC in the 72th, so we had alot of pressure to not lose this final game and the 3-unbeaten games-row. We missed some chances, but in the 87th minute, Yokohama's keeper made a big mistake. It was a goal from the ones, who will leave the team. Daisuke Nakaharai played a cross into the box. The keeper dropped the ball with his hands just in front of Kurobe, who just turned arround and scored the 2:2-end result.

The teardrop of this game is, that we didn't take the chance to make it to the TOP10.
Our contender, Thespa Kusatsu won at the same time at home against Tochigi SC with 3:2, so both team got the same number of points with 65, but Thespa got the better goal-difference with -12 to -19 on our side, so we ended this season on 11th place.

Starting 11
GK: Rokutan
DF: Yamagata, Niwa, Nagano, Nakajima
MF: Yusuke, Kudo, Okubo, Suzuki, Okamoto
FW: Takahashi

Bench: Yoshida, Yamaguchi, Abe, Nakaharai, Kurobe
0:1 - 17' - Tetsuya Okubo
1:1 - 39' - Tomonobu Hayakawa
2:1 - 72' - Hiroaki Nanba
2:2 - 87' - Teruaki Kurobe
65' - Suzuki -> Abe
73' - Takahashi -> Kurobe
82' - Okamoto -> Nakaharai

23' - Yamagata (3)
52' - Nagano (2)
54' - Kudo (2)
77' - Abe (2)

Jumbo's goal

Kurobe's goal

Freitag, 4. Dezember 2009

Nakamachi joined Avispa

Kosuke Nakamachi will play for Avispa Fukuoka in 2010!

Name: Kosuke Nakamachi
Date of birth: 01.09.1985
Height: 174cm
Weight: 69kg
Postion: Midfielder

Nakamachi, who play in the midfield, come from Keio University Soccer Club, Tokyo, where he played in the last two years.
Nakamachi already got J2-experience. He played for Shonan Bellmare from 2004 to 2007 and played 66 games and scored two goals in this time.
In his youth, the Saitama-born played for an secondary school in Takasaki, Gunma prefecture.

Morishita move to Avispa board

Here is a bit older news from mid-november...
Our current assistant coach Hitoshi Morishita will give us his job and will work for Avispa's board in 2010. Before Morishita came to Fukuoka in 2009, he worked in the youth sections of Consadole Sapporo and Jubilo Iwata.

Donnerstag, 3. Dezember 2009

The sugarloaf is calling

The club announced today, that our two brazilians Wellington and Alex will leave Japan on december 11th and fly back to Brazil.
They will practice with the team for the last time on december 4th, one day before seasons-final match against Yokohama FC at Nissan Stadium in Yokohama.