Montag, 29. März 2010

Hokuto's Adventure Vol. 16

F.C. Tokyo and Hokuto celebraited a 0:2-win against Omiya at NACK5. Hokuto started, played Matsushita's part and showed a really offensive game and went into the box very often. Tokyo outshoted Omiya with 32:3 shots on the goal. Omiya got in trouble with two red cards, but to be honest, the cards were the joke of the weekend, specially the one for An.
Hokuto were replaced in the 56th minute by rookie Kentaro Shigematsu, who made his pro-debut and scored the 0:2.

[J2-R4] Avispa 5-0 Toyama

What a performance! No minute we had to fear to lose this game!
21:5 shots on goal and another great performance from Genki Nagasato and the others made the day in Fukuoka even sunnier than it was!
The party started in the 30th minute with a header from Genki after a cross from Jumbo Okubo. No Toyama-defender covered Genki, so it was a easy goal to score.
The 2:0 came just before the halftime. A Toyama-defender touched the ball after a Jumbo-header, so the Ref pointed to the point. Okubo scored the penalty, but he had to make it again. No problem for Jumbo and he scored the 2:0. After the break, we started where we ended in the first...with alot of pressure and the result was the 3:0 from Genki. Yusuke took a cross from Yamagata in the box and crossed it from the line to Nagasato, who came into the box and scored with a left shot.
Toyama find just single ways to break through the midfield, but they got themself into trouble after 2 yellow/red cards in just 12 minutes. After that, it was much easier than it was before. The midfield was our now, so we scored the 4:0 just 5 minutes after the second red card for Kataller. Suzuki played a pass to Takahashi, who started a solorun and scored the 4th goal of the afternoon. What a party that was and Jun Suzuki ended it with a masterpiece of a corner! A goal from a corner...that happend just ones in a livetime!

Starting 11
GK: Rokutan
DF: Yamagata, Niwa, Tanaka, Nakajima
MF: Yusuke, Nakamachi, Sueyoshi, Nagasato
FW: Okubo, Takahashi


Bench: Kamiyama, Miyaji, Abe, Suzuki, Kudo, Okamoto, Oyama

1:0 - 30' - Genki Nagasato
2:0 - 43' - Tetsuya Okubo (PK)
3:0 - 51' - Genki Nagasato
4:0 - 78' - Yutaka Takahashi
5:0 - 87' - Jun Suzuki

70' - Yusuke -> Suzuki
76' - Tanaka -> Oyama
79' - Okubo -> Okamoto

15' - Okubo (1)
46' - Yamagata (1)

Genki's goal

Jumbo's goal

Genki's 2nd

Yutaka's goal

Jun's masterpiece


Now we have a 11:2 on goals, so we are the most effective team in the J2. Just two goals against isn't bad and make Yuji Rokutan one of the best keepers in the J2 at the moment. We are on third place now, after Yokohama lost in the top-game of the weekend with 1:2 aginst the Team of the moment, Tokushima Vortis, which are still on 1st with the full 12 points after 4 games. Kashiwa took the 2nd after a 0:2 in Tokyo against Verdy and got 10 points now.

[J2-R3] Kashiwa 1-0 Avispa

Not much to say about...
It was a pretty even match which was decited by a failed pass by Yusuke Tanaka. Kashiwa's Masato Kudo took the chance and scored the 1:0 for Reysol in the 81st minute.
Defender Yosuke Miyaji made his professional-debut in the 72nd minute.
Starting 11
GK: Rokutan
DF: Yamagata, Niwa, Nagira, Nakajima
MF: Yusuke, Nakamachi, Abe, Nagasato
FW: Okubo, Takahashi


Bench: Kamiyama, Miyaji, Suzuki, Kudo, Yoshihara

1:0 - 81' - Masato Kudo

72' - Nagira -> Miyaji
77' - Takahashi -> Yoshihara
84' - Yusuke -> Kudo

26' - Nagira (1)
42' - Abe (1)
47' - Yusuke (2)


Sonntag, 14. März 2010

Capital Adventure Vol.15

Hurray, Hokuto started 2nd time in a row!
He started for the not 100% fit Naohiro Ishikawa again. After last weeks last minute-victory for Tokyo against Yokohama, where Hokuto's header hit the post, FCT wasn't so lucky and lost infront of over 50.000 people against Urawa Reds after a PK-goal from Ponte in the 19th minute.
Hokuto was subbed out for Ishikawa in the 44th minute.

[J2-R2] Sapporo 0-3 Avispa

Congrats boys, who beated Consadole at their Dome with a 0:3 last time?
We were able to stop Consadole in the midfiled, so they didn't come trough so often to attack.
On the other side, Sapporo played very poor this time. We were fresher and phyisicaly stronger. Maybe the 0:3 is a bit too high, but a clear win is a clear win.We started with the same players like last week against Ventforet Kofu.Nagasato and Nakajima played a great game again. Yusuke, who was the man of the match against Kofu, seemed not so fresh this time. On Consadole's side, Fujita was the best. He always worked and tried to make some pressure, but he was unlucky like all the other red and black-stripped players this time.
The 0:1 came after just 3 minutes and a corner from Sueyoshi. Okubo crossed the ball onto Niwa's head and the captain headed it. Consadole seemed not on the pitch, so Avispa totaly controlled the game. After just 22 minutes, we scored our 2nd goal. After a pass from Nagasato, Nakajima crossed the ball into the start, where the Jumbo was ready to liftoff. Jumbo headed it in and we leaded 0:2. Till the halftime, the game went on so-so. Consadole wanted to play but we stopped them.
Just after the halftime, Nagasato destroyed Consadole's hopes for a comeback with a absolute awsome goal! Consadole tried and tried it to comeback after the goal and took more over then, but on this day, they weren't able and lucky enough, so we won easily at the end.

Starting 11
GK: Rokutan
DF: Yamagata, Niwa, Tanaka, Nakajima
MF: Yusuke, Nakamachi, Sueyoshi, Nagasato
FW: Okubo, Takahashi


Bench: Kamiyama, Nagira, Suzuki, Okamoto, Yoshihara

0:1 - 3' - Daiki Niwa
0:2 - 22' - Tetsuya Okubo
0:3 - 50' - Genki Nagasato

63' - Yusuke -> Okamoto
69' - Takahashi -> Yoshihara
83' - Nagira -> Nakajima

60' - Makoto Tanaka (1)

Daiki's goal

Jumbo's goal

Genki's goal

The game

Sonntag, 7. März 2010

[J2-R1] Avispa 3-1 Kofu

Welcome to the J2's 2010 season! and welcome to the Yusuke Tanaka-Show!
What a one-sided game that was! 15-4 shots on goal for us.
Kofu seemed really weak and didn't play like a team who wants to go to the top. Maybe we shoked them with our middlefield, which was really suprising. Shinoda let the new faces start in our 4-4-2-system instead of the "old". Toshiya Sueyoshi, Yosuke Nakamachi and Genki Sueyoshi started and showed a pretty good game.
The 1:0 was a fault of Kofu-Keeper Ogi, who couldn't handel a shot from outside of the box from Takahashi. Ogi touched it in front of him and Yusuke shot the ball into the net easily.
At the 2:0 we came into the attacking position after just 2 passes. The end of this 2 pass-combo was a masterpiece of a cross from Nakajima, which found Yusuke's foot in the box. Yusuke handeld the ball and just shot it in!
5 minutes to play and the two newcomers Sueyoshi and Nagasato made their goal. Sueyoshi kicked the corner wide into the box where Nagasato waited. All players ran for the ball, but Genki just stood there and waited for the ball...and that was the right decision.

Now we lead the J2 again after years! It seems that Shinoda intigrated the young ones pretty good in the practice matches. They play really good with our "old" ones. Now let's see when will Takahashi-Okubo will strike again...

Starting 11
GK: Rokutan
DF: Yamagata, Niwa, Tanaka, Nakajima
MF: Sueyoshi, Nakamachi, Yusuke, Nagasato
FW: Okubo Takahashi


Bench: Kamiyama, Yamaguchi, Nagira, Suzuki, Kudo, Okamoto, Yoshihara

1:0 - 52' - Yusuke Tanaka
2:0 - 68' - Yusuke Tanaka
3:0 - 85' - Genki Nagasato
3;1 - 90'+4 - Paulinho

74' - Nakamachi -> Suzuki
85' - Takahashi -> Yoshihara
87' - Yusuke -> Okamoto

8' - Yusuke (1)
37' - Nakajima (1)

Yusuke's goal

Yusuke's 2nd goal

Genki's goal