Dienstag, 11. Mai 2010

New Avispa Blog!

There's another Avispa-Blog in English, just started few days ago.


A really good blog, specialy for game reports.
The writer visit every home game of Avispa and so got a good view on the players and games.

The blog is great, but please stay here too ;)
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[J2-R12] Chiba 1-1 Avispa

First of all, i want to say sorry to all readers and Avispa-Fans, that i missed to write so many news and game reports, but i was pretty busy, but now i try to report regulaly again.

It seemed like a really good match at the Fukuda Denshi Arena on sunday noon. The sky was blue and the fans on both sides were good, like always on both sides.
Shinoda put Miyaji on Yamagata's position again after his good performance at the derby against Roasso. Kudo replaced Yusuke on the LMF position. Okamoto replaced Takahashi along Okubo.
JEF was unbeaten at Denshi in 5 games...till sunday.
It was a pretty close game, but it looked like JEF would take the 3 points at home again after Sato's lucky goal in the 26th minute. The ball hit Tanaka and flew into the goal. Kamiyama just looked behind...
But one player showed a great performance and started where he end at the Roasso game. Kosuke Nakamachi scored a marvelous goal, after a good passing play of Avispa. Nakamachi stopped the ball with his chest and shot with right, right into the JEF goal.
We played really, really well and won with 16:11 on shots.
I'm pretty happy with the point, in fact that JEF was unbeaten at home.
It seems, that we really used the break at the 10th round to come out strong after the 4 losts.
Let's hope we can go on like this!

Starting 11
GK: Kamiyama
DF: Miyaji, Niwa, Tanaka, Nakajima
MF: Kudo, Nakamachi, Sueyoshi, Nagasato
FW: Okubo, Okamoto

Bench: Rokutan, Nagira, Hiraishi, Abe, Suzuki, Takahashi

1:0 - 26' - Yuto Sato
1:1 - 36' - Kosuke Nakamachi

66' - Kudo -> Suzuki
78' - Miyaji -> Nagira
80' - Okamoto -> Takahashi

88' - Nakamachi (3)

Kosuke's goal

The other results from the past rounds

R6 - vs. Gifu - 0:2
R7 - vs. Mito - 1:0
R8 - vs. Tosu - 0:1
R9 - vs. Ehime - 2:1
R11 - vs. Kumamoto 6:1