Freitag, 16. Oktober 2009

Mitsuru Chiyotanda

At Avispa: 2003-2006

Backnumber: 5

Position: Central back

Games: 139
Goals: 14

Now: Nagoya Grampus

The Fukuoka-born was the big man in our defence for 3 years and a major part for Avispa's success during that time. A physical strong guy, who's was the big man in Niigata's defence where he moved, when we relegated after the 2006 season. We don't blame him for the move, because he proved that he's a J1-class defender and show it for 3 years. 2010, he moved to Nagoya Grampus and didn't already make the breaktrough.

Chiyo's beauty header 2009

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