Samstag, 31. Januar 2009

Test-matches at Miyazaki

Here is the schedule for the test-matches at Miyzaki-Camp from 13th February to 22nd February:

Avispa vs. Tokushima Vortis
2x 45min

Avispa vs. Montedio Yamagata
4x 45min

Avispa vs. Cerezo Osaka
4x 30min

Avispa vs. Honda FC
2x 45min

Re-examining for Kamiyama

Goalkeeper Ryuichi Kamiyama will go for a re-examining of his right knee, which made some problems in the last season.
Kamiyama played 20 games in 2008.

The Team and also Jun Suzuki returned from their trainingscamps in Shimabara City and Getafe today.

Dienstag, 27. Januar 2009

Neighbourhood Camp

On Sunday, the team arrived at the one week-trainingscamp in Shimabara-City in Nagasaki prefecture and was welcomed by the citizens with a little ceremony.
All players look fit and do the typical things you do at a camp, like running, 5 vs. 5 and so on...
Just Jun Suzuki is still at Getafe and will come back to Fukuoka at Saturday, when the team will leave Nagasaki.

Montag, 26. Januar 2009

Schedule coming soon

The J.League announced the official release of the Season 2009 schedule.
The League will release the schedule for J2 on February 6th.
J1 will get their schedule on February 2nd.

Samstag, 24. Januar 2009

Capital Adventure Vol. 1

Welcome to the new "Capital Adventure"!
This category will bring you news about Hokutos stay at FC Tokyo!

Hokuto and his new teammates were presented at FC Toyko yesterday.
He will wear Number 14, like he did last year at our club.
At the same time, he and the new ones at FCT presented the new mascot " Tokyo Dorompa"


Freitag, 23. Januar 2009

How will it look like?

How will the new uniform for 2009 look like?
Mizuno designed 2 new uniforms for season 2009 which will use by Ehime FC and Tokushima Vortis.

The Ehime one would be Navy, of course, with grey on the neck and under the arms i would say.
The other one would be very similar to Vortis like in 2007.

I would prefer the Vortis design, because it looks much cooler i thnik.
But maybe the club will stay at the 2008 uniforms, but please Avispa, bring back GEORGIA!!!

Dienstag, 20. Januar 2009

Pray for a good season

On sunday, the club went to Hakozaki-gu, an old Shinto-shrine, at Higashi-ku in Fukuoka to pray for a good season.
200 fans followed them and watched the ceremony.
The biggest wish of the team was the promote to J1.

Montag, 19. Januar 2009

The new Slogan

Together with the new squad for 2009, Avispa presented the new slogan for the upcoming season.

"Let us join our souls - all our souls as one"

A typical japanese football-slogan to stay together for the team you support in all good and bad times. Looks like the writers were looked at the musketeer-slogan and we should follow it next season. We should fight and stay together to get back to the other top teams in J2.

SUPER Avispas Slogan for 2009 will come soon ...
(picture from

Sonntag, 18. Januar 2009

Our Squad for 2009!

1 - Ryuichi Kamiyama
2 - Toru Miyamoto
3 - Tatsunori Yamagata
4 - Makoto Tanaka
5 - Satoshi Nagano
6 - Wellington
7 - Kiyokazu Kudo
8 - Jun Suzuki
9 - Teruaki Kurobe
10 - Hisashi Jogo
11 - Yusuke Tanaka
13 - Tomokazu Nagira
14 - Daisuke Nakaharai
15 - Alex
16 - Tatsunori Hisanaga
17 - Takanori Nakajima
18 - Yutaka Takahashi
19 - Tetsuya Okubo
20 - Yuji Miyahara
21 - Kyohei Oyama
22 - Motohiro Yoshida
23 - Yuji Rokutan
24 - Yasuomi Kugisaki
25 - Eita Kasagawa
26 - Hideya Okamoto
27 - Daiki Niwa
28 - Kazuki Yamaguchi

(New Players)

Freitag, 16. Januar 2009

1 new and 2 renewed

Ex-international defender Makoto Tanaka signed his contract at Avispa and was presented at yesterdays Avispa 2009 Season Opening.

Meanwhile, defender Takanori Nakajima and forward Teruaki Kurobe, who both joined us last year renewed their contracts at Avispa during the season opener.
Nakajima played 29, Kurobe 23 games last season. Both scored one goal.

Donnerstag, 15. Januar 2009

Avispa opned Season 2009

We presented our players and opened season 2009 today!

All the signings for 2009:
Makoto Tanaka, Yutaka Takahashi, Eita Kasagawa, Yuji Miyahara, Kazuki Yamaguchi, Wellington, Alex, Hideya Okamoto

After the presentation, the team did a first training-session

Just Jun Suzuki, who trains at Getafe at the moment, and Kyohei Oyama, who is in Qatar with the U-20 missed the first session in 2009.
(all pictures from

A new job for Nuno!

Takanori "Nuno" Nunobe, one of our great lead players, decited to retire from football and will start a coaching career at our club!!!

In his last season, Nuno played 32 games, scored 1 beautiful goal and landed on the 8th place under the players with the most minutes on the pitch (you can find it in the archive of 2008).

In his full professional career from 1995 to 2008, Nuno made 344 league-appearances and scored 28 goals. After his first two years at Verdy Kawasaki, he joined Jubilo Iwata in 1997 and became J.League Champions with them. After this success, Nuno moved to Vissel Kobe and became a regular starter for four years. In mid 2001 he joined his hometown-club Cerezo Osaka and was one of the leading players for them. He was involved in this 2005 final day-drama where Cerezo lost the championship in the last second.
After this horror he joined our team in 2006 and became a leading player very quick again.
The dissapointment of 2005 followed the step down to J2 after the 17th place.
2007 and 2008 worked really well for the old grand guy, ok, we couldn't reach the first places, but that's another story...

"As a coach, I can keep the good relationship to the club. I will learn new things from the coaches and the people who work for the club, support my old and the new teammates and can contribute to some directions."

One of the silent legends of the J.League...

Nunos first "train-session" at a game for blind people

Dienstag, 13. Januar 2009

Kudo and Tanaka renewed

Midfielder Kiyokazu Kudo and Forward Yusuke Tanaka renewed their contracts for the upcoming season 2009.

Sonntag, 11. Januar 2009

Makoto Tanaka will join us

The Yomiuri reported that ex-international defender Makoto Tanaka from Jubilo Iwata will join our Team for season 2009.
The move is not official yet, but the newspaper wrote that both teams will annouce the transfer in the next few days.

Tanaka started his career at Jubilo in 1994 and was a member of J.League Best 11 in 1998 and 2002, the sad thing about that is that in this two world cup years, Tanaka wasn't call up for the national team-squad. In 2006, Tanaka was close to play his first world cup-match, but he injured in the training and had to go home. Teruyuki Moniwa replaced him.

In 14 years for Jubilo, Tanaka made 353 Appearances and is one of the players with the most experience in the J.League.
2008, he was always a starter in 26 games for Jubilo.
He wasn't a eye catching-player who performed brilliant, but he was always a solid one.

He made 32 games for Japan and won the Asian Cup in 2004 and was a member of the Confed Cup Team 2005 in Germany.

Samstag, 10. Januar 2009

Happy Birthday Super Avispa!!!

SUPER Avispa! Celebrait his 1st birthday!!!

I want to say thank you to all readers of this blog from all over the world!!!

In that year the side had visitors from all different countries like England, France, Czech Republic, Japan of course, China, Australia, Indonesia, Singapur, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Germany, USA, Brazil, Paraguay, Saudi Arabia ect.


I want to use this for a little review of our J-Bloggers from all over Japan, which grows bigger and bigger. It goes like a red line through Japan or just follow the Shinkansen Railway. Mostly From Sapporo to Fukuoka you can find alot of nice english Fan-Blogs. The family grew alot in the past two years.

Let's start our trip at the red-black-stripe guys from Consadole. A Consadole-blog, whitch turns to a Real Madrid-blog in winter. We cross Niigata but drive on, because it's seems nothing new there.

Beware!, the next stop will bring us to the dragons from Mito HollyHock with a good eye on JFL also.

Then we are close to enter the capital, but mighty squrilles from Omiya stop us. One of the oldest blogs under the english ones and surely one of the best with the best infos.

Let's do some trip around Tokyo and let's stop at the 2nd floor at Fuku-ari, the only Blog which report from the source directly with alot of news from the area of JEF and not just from matches and transfers. Now we enter Tokyo and see a big red-blue heart with the letters „Aishiteru Tokyo“, A really new blog with exelent reports whitch transport the feeling of the fans to their club.

The birds in the sky reminds me of something...whitch is the biggest bird in the city? Yes, it must be the eagle from Tokyo Verdy. Who wants to miss the Soilent Green Blog with the daily jukebox and a reporter, who don't rate his players through pink glasses.

We say goodbye to Tokyo and go down the bay. Red, Wihte and Blue..Obamas first Japan visit? No, it's the Tricolore Pride from the Marinos! This side got a awsome design and because of that is lift itself up from the other blogs. Really big respect for the design and to all the infos!After this long trip we need a rest and good lord, there are shirmps...shrimps from Yokohama FC! A supporter group with game reports including Pokemon-11s and a big love to a scotsmann.

The shrimps were great so let's go to the next, the blue-black guys from Kawasaki. Yojimbo gives you everything what you need, good games reports and good don't need more.

We leaving the big area and the Fujisan is waving from the horizont. We're enter the area where football is not just a sport. It's a Shizuoka. Orange or Blue? There is no other option.We start with the organge guys from the UK Ultras of S-Pulse. Here you can see football like a religion for them or it is one. You're a new S-Pa-Fan? Don't worry, the blog gives you a little crashcourse in what you should do and wear as a S-Pa-Fan. A real heart-Blog.

We are leaving The Ultras with a S-Pa UK Ultras-Shirt in the bag and visit there blue „friends“ from Jubilo Iwata. The Kansai Jubilist-Blog keeps the old-school style. You think it isn't updated for a while? You wrong, everything new from Jubilo you find there.

We leave the mother-area of japanese football and go on. We see some old houses of Gassho-zukuri and meet some green midgets...hey, aren't they the team who pissed the bigger ones last season? Yes, it's FC Gifu! „Forza FC Gifu“ is the home of richy, a really nice guy who brings us nice short game reports from every game of his team.

After leaving Gifu, we enter the old traditional town of Kyoto with japanese oldest football team Kyoto Sanga FC. Goru, who became big in a short time, is the boss of the black blog. Oretachi No Kyoto is a must for every Kyoto-Fan with a BIG statistic sidebar and nice videos when somebody is trying to cheat on Kyoto. Don't miss his other big project on!

We're enter Japans second big area, the Osaka area. Blue/Black or Pink is the question here. Two teams with biiiig talents. We are starting with the young one from Since 1991, the english blog of zappin and his team Gamba Osaka. His blog got everything new from Gamba, it doesn't matter if it's transfers, game reports or injuries. A great part is the huge startistic part of the site. Everything for a Blue/Black-Fan.

What zappin is for Gamba, Karre is for Cerezo Osaka. He's our oracle of J2 and brings his knowledge to his blogs. Great detailing reports with line-ups and scoring. You will love it! Visit Nagai Stadium, maybe you have luck and meet him in the stadium. If you do, ask him what can your J2-Team do better and he knows the answer. He's also another big part of the japanesefootball-project.

We drive along the bay and stop at Kobe. „La Famiglia di Kobe“ says the banner of the blog. What you can find in Shimizu you can find in Kobe too, a supporter group who tries to support its team in every way. No, statistic-talking here...everything comes from the heart of this group!

After a long way without any blog (they really should build something here) we reach Fukuoka. What's up in Fukuoka?

....Please tell me ;)

Freitag, 9. Januar 2009

3 more new contracts

Goalkeeper Ryuichi Kamiyama, defender Tatsunori Yamagata and midfielder Daisuke Nakaharai renewed their contracts today.

Now 13 players renewed their contracts
You'll find the other ones under 2008 - December

Donnerstag, 8. Januar 2009

Okamoto on loan from Gamba

Today, Avispa annouced that the club and ACL Champions League Winner Gamba Osaka decited a rental contract for Gambas Hideya Okamoto.
The forward will stay at Avispa for one year. Okamoto joined Gambas A-Squad in 2006 from their youth team. He made his debut for Gamba against Koreas Chunam Dragons during the ACL Champions League group stages.

The 2nd brazilian

The club anoucced the signing of another brazilian today.
Alex Henrique Jose is 23 years old and and plays on the forward position.
Last season the played for a underclass brazilian club named Batatais FC.

Let's see if the signing of middle/under-class brazilians really help us to turn back to the better teams in the league. I really doubt that for the moment...

Mittwoch, 7. Januar 2009

The boy from the Uni

Kazuki Yamaguchi, the new signing from Fukuoka University, was presented to the press today, together with an other player who will join FC Gifu.
The press-conference was held inside Fukuoka University.
Yamaguchi was born on july 10th (like Hokuto) 1986 in Fukuoka. He plays on the defender position.

Can't belive it! A brazilian!

After a year without a brazilian player, the club annouced today that we will sign a brazilian for 2009!
Welington ( Full Name: Wellington Katzor de Oliveira) will join us from America MG, a third class club from Brazil. I didn't find much him, just that he is 27, a midfielder and already played for the well-known Santos and Internacional. In 2007 he went on a short trip to Israel to play 3 games for Hapoel Tel Aviv.Let's see if he will be a big help.
Good Luck Wellington!

Sayonara and Dag!

Mike Havenaar will return to the Marinos after a successfull year at Fukuoka.
Littbarski didn't give him a real chance, but under Shinoda, Mike played good and became a starter. Mike finished second on club-intern topscorers together with Yusuke Tanaka. Both scored 7 goals. Mike played 26 games, scored 7 goals and was 1492 minutes on the pitch.
We wish him all the best and we hope that he will get more playing time at the Marinos next season.
Sayonara and Dag Mike!

Dienstag, 6. Januar 2009

The new dreamteam?

Two good news for us today!

1. Our Topscorer Tetsuya Okubo, who scored 14 goals for us last season, will stay at Avispa and signed a contract for two more years till january 31st 2011.
Okubo came to Avispa with a loan-contract from Kashiwa Reysol in 2008.
Okubo: "My goal is to promote with Avispa next year to fight Reysol."

2. J2s 2nd placed Topscorer Yutaka Takahashi from Roasso Kumamoto will join our team for season 2009. Takahashi finished second at the topscorerlist behind Hisato Sato with 19 goals.
He was Roassos goalmachine since 2006. He scored 63 goals in 110 goals for the wild horses.

Now we have two excellent forwards who scored regulally back in 2008.
Let's hope they find a good chemestry between them as soon as possible, but who don't want to play along a clown?

Some goals from Takahashi 2008

Montag, 5. Januar 2009

Why Hokuto? Why?

Hokuto Nakamura will leave us for J1 side FC Tokyo...
There was rumours the last weeks, that Tokyo wanted to sign our young superstar to help Sota Hirayama to score more goals again.
And now it's reality...
The two clubs reported on their websites that the deal is perfect.
But it was just a matter of time anyway, because all japanese football fans know that Hokuto got the potencial to play in the J.League.

Hokuto joined us in 2004 from Kunimi High School in Nagasaki, where he was a classmate of Hirayama. After good performances, he moved up to the japanese U-20 in 2004 (He already played for the U-18 and U-19 earlier). He was a part of the youth-nationalteam at the AFC Youth Championship in 2004 and at the FIFA U-20 World Cup 2005 in the Netherlands.

At november 22nd back in 2006, Hokuto sufferd a bad knee injury at the youth-international game against South Korea. He nearly missed the whole season in 2007 and could only play 3 games.
1 1/2 later, in April 2008, Hokuto was called up again and played at the Toulon Tournament, but it was already to late to make it into the squad for Beijing 2008 Olympics.

Hokuto made 105 games for us and scored 11 goals.

We wish him all the best at the capital and we will follow his games at FC Tokyo
Sonayara Hokuto...

Miyahara joins Avispa

Avispa annouced the signing of Ehime FCs Yuji Miyahara.
Miyahara played 19 games and scored one goal for the orange guys from Shikoku.
He already played for us from 2002 till 2004 and made 48 games that time.
He also played for Nagoya Grampus , Cerezo Osaka and Sagan Tosu.