Sonntag, 30. August 2009

Tanaka is badly injured

Defender Makoto Tanaka suffered bad injuries, when he and goalkepper Motohiro Yoshida crashed with their heads in yesterdays home game against Shonan Bellmare (0:1)

Tanaka suffered a maxilla fracture, fractures of his left and right cheekbones and a laceration on his upper lip.
Already it's not clear when he will go under surgery, but the club will announce it as soon as possible. It's only clear, that Makoto will out for some months.

Samstag, 29. August 2009

Yoshihara joined the team!

Yesterday, the club decided that prospect and youth-international forward Masato Yoshihara is allowed to join Avispa's pro-team!
The 17-year old homegrown player played in all youth-teams of Avispa. U-12, U-15 and U-18.
He's a player with a big future and he and youth-international Kensuke Nagai could be an awsome duo up front for in the next years for Avispa Fukuoka.

Mittwoch, 26. August 2009

Toru moved to Tochigi

Sad news today...
Toru Miyamoto left the club to join J2 last-place Tochigi SC, both teams announced today. The contract is got a limit of one year, so maybe he will come back after that year in Tochigi.

Toru started his career at Fukuoka in 2001 and played 177 games and scored 5 goals in 9 seasons. 21 J1-games and 156 at J2.

SUPER Avispa! wish him all the best at his new team and follow him at Tochigi. We'll miss you, dude.

His supergoal from 2008 at Kyushu-Derby against Sagan Tosu

[Training Match] Avispa 0-0 Kitakyushu

Avispa and and JFL-side New Wave Kitakyushu played a trainings match on monday afternoon. It ended with a 0:0-draw.

Starting 11
GK: Rokutan
DF: Miyamoto, Nagira, Nagano, Student
MF: Alex, Abe, Oyama, Nakaharai, Okamoto
FW: Takahashi

2nd half
GK: Kasagawa
DF: Miyamoto, Nagira, Nagano, Student
MF: Suzuki, Abe, Alex, Nakaharai, Okamoto
FW: Takahashi

45' - Rokutan -> Kasagawa
45' - Oyama -> Suzuki
61' - Takahashi -> Jogo
78' - Nakaharai -> Student
84' - Abe -> Student
84' - Student -> Student

Montag, 24. August 2009

[J2-35] Avispa 3-1 Tochigi

That was an effective game...
Just 4 shots on the goal in 90 minutes, but 3 goals...
Shinoda used the 4-5-1 again and switched some positions, because players like Jogo, Jun and Abe wasn't able to play.
Kiyo Kudo played left-, Yusuke played right winger.
Wellington started after a long time as the re-replacement for the injured Jogo and the red-carded Shu Abe. He played the full 90 minutes.

Yusuke made himself the player of the game with two nice goals and got 6 goals now.
Yutaka Takahashi, who came in for Kurobe, who started up front again, showed his great assistant-work with a nice pass to Yusuke's 3:1.
Jumbo scored his 10th goal of the season and still leading the team-goal counter list.

Starting 11
GK: Yoshida
DF: Yamagata, Niwa, Tanaka, Kugisaki
MF: Yusuke, Wellington, Okubo, Miyahara, Kudo
FW: Kurobe

Bench: Rokutan, Nagira, Nakaharai, Okamoto, Takahashi

1:0 - 29' - Yusuke Tanaka
2:0 - 73' - Tetsuya Okubo
2:1 - 78' - Kazuhisa Kawahara
3:1 - 83' - Yusuke Tanaka

62' - Kudo -> Okamoto
66' - Kurobe -> Takahashi
81' - Yamagata -> Nagira



Yusuke's 1st goal

Okubo's goal

Yusuke's 2nd goal

Here are the goals from the last 3 games

Round 32 - Sapporo 3-0 Avispa
Round 33 - Avispa 2-2 Cerezo
Round 34 - Toyama 1-1 Avispa

No report...i hope you don't mind

Avispa 2-2 Cerezo - Kudo's goal

Yusuke's goal

Toyama 1-1 Avispa - Kudo's goal

Capitol Adventure Vol.11

Hokuto and FC Tokyo lost their Away-game against Champion Kashima Antlers 3:1.

Hokuto started for the injured superstar Naohiro Ishikawa on the right side.
You could see that he needs more playing time to show what he can.
Hokuto seemed a bit helpless and wasn't in a really good shape, but it was his real first game after a long injury-break, so it's ok for now, he just need more time.

He was subed out for Tatsuya Suzuki in the 60th minute.

Donnerstag, 20. August 2009

Capitol Adventure Vol.10

Hokuto is back in buisness!
Hokuto celebraited his comeback last sunday at Tokyo's 0-0 against Yokohama F. Marinos.
He played the last 10 minutes of the game and was subed in for Jo Kanazawa.

Yesterday at Yamagata, Hokuto wasn't in the squad.

Sorry that you must wait so long for the news, but i was pretty busy with work.
I will post the Sapporo-, Cerezo- and the Toyama-game later

Freitag, 7. August 2009

Capitol Adventure Vol.9

Hokuto is back in training!
Yesterday, Hokuto made his comeback and practiced again.
He injured his left ankle at 3.6. against Montedio Yamagata at Nabisco Cup group stages.
Tokyo-Coach Hiroshi Jofuku said, he's looking forward, that Hokuto can practice with the team at the beginning of the next week.
Hokuto could make his comeback against the team he scored his only goal this season, Yokohama F. Marinos.

Sonntag, 2. August 2009

[J2-R31] Avispa 0-0 Okayama

We missed the chance to close the gab between teams like Kusatsu and Gifu, who lost their games today, but I'm happy with the point when you look at the squad and how many players missed the game.
Suzuki is on his world tour, Takahashi earned the 4th yellow last game, Nagira, Yusuke and Nakajima are out, Abe made his debut today so he need a bit of time...
Let's concentrate on the Sapporo-game where we will have a good chance to win i think, because Sapporo isn't so good at all at the moment.

Starting 11
GK: Yoshida
DF: Yamagata, Niwa, Tanaka, Miyamoto
MF: Jogo, Kudo, Okamoto, Abe, Okubo
FW: Oyama

Bench: Rokutan, Nagano, Wellington, Miyahara, Kurobe


64' - Jogo -> Miyahara
71' - Oyama -> Kurobe
84' - Yamagata -> Wellington

12' - Abe (1)


Jun's Summer World Tour

After the Suwon Cup in South Korea, Jun will travel to another youth tournament with the U-20 in Spain. The U-20 will play in the group stages of this tournament against Levante, a state-team of Brasilia in Brazil and Villareal. All games will be held at Estadio Municipal ELS ARCS and the tournament will run from 14.8. to 21.8.

Jun: "With the Suwon Cup, the trip to Spain will be hard, but i got the chance to build up my stamina, so it will be good"

With Jun's World Tour, he will miss Avispa for 5 games...
Today against Okayama, the 2 tough games against Sapporo and Cerezo, against Toyama and Tochigi.
Today, Jun will replaced by Avispa's new face Shu Abe.

Avispa's Part time professional Kensuke Nagai will be also a part of the U-20 team, when they move to Spain.

Thanks MASA