Freitag, 17. April 2009

New Sponsor

After a long time with no sponsor, Avispa found one with the Everlife Group.
In my opinion, the sponsor looks shit with the big yellow stripe. It looks like "Hey, there is free space for a sponsor *SPLASH* ...Ok, it looks awful but we have a sponsor!!!"
That must be the way Avispa officials tought.

I really don't like it, but i'm happy we can earn a bit money we need so badly.


[J2-R8] Avispa 1-0 Ehime

Nothing special here.
The worked was done after 2 minutes with the 1:0 from Yutaka Takahashi.
Alex made his first game of the season after he was subbed in for Kurobe, who replaced injured Jumbo Okubo.
Now we are unbeaten in 5 games with 4 wins and 1 draw and back in buisness as far we can say in this early time of the season.
So we are are ready for the Avispa Helldays in May!

Starting 11
GK: Yoshida
DF: Yamagata, Tanaka, Nagira, Nakajima
MF: Jogo, Wellington, Suzuki, Okamoto
FW: Kurobe, Takahashi

Bench: Rokutan, Niwa, Kudo, Miyahara, Alex

1' - 1:0 - Takahashi

66' - Okamoto -> Kudo
69' - Kurobe -> Alex
84' - Jogo -> Niwa

72' - Nagira
88' - Tanaka


Takahashi's Goal

[J2-R7] Avispa 1-1 Kumamoto

Avispa played 1:1 at the first Kyushu Derby 2009 against Roasso Kumamoto.
We had big luck, because Roasso had a few big chances and outshoted us with 10 to 15 shots, but Yoshida had another great day and kept his goal clean.
Hisashi Jogo scored a superb goal after he took a cross from Nakajima volley in the 34th minute.
In the 67th minute, Nagira "fouled" Roasso-forward Satoshi Nakayama and the referee showed to the point. No chance for Yoshida, 1:1.
Kiyokazu Kudo celebraited his comeback after a long injury. Kiyo was subbed in for Jogo in the 79th minute.

Starting 11
GK: Yoshida
DF: Yamagata, Tanaka, Nagira, Nakajima
MF: Jogo, Wellington, Suzuki, Okamoto
FW: Takahashi, Okubo

Bench: Rokutan, Niwa, Kudo, Hisanaga, Kurobe

1:0 - 33' - Jogo
1:1 - 67' - Nakayama

62' - Okamoto -> Hisanaga
74' - Suzuki -> Kurobe
79' - Jogo -> Kudo

67' - Nagira


The foul before the PK is no foul, Nagira pushed him down ...

The Derby had all what you want at a Derby!
It was very exciting with alot of chances for both sides.
Kiyo celebraited his comeback and Avispa played with the new sponsor for the first time, but more about that later.

Samstag, 11. April 2009

Yoshihara's trip to Gulf

Avispa's U-18 prospect Masato Yoshihara played with Japan's U-18 1:1 against UAE's U-18 in a friendly U-18 tournament in Al Ain, UAE.
Yoshihara played from the beginning
The UAE's scored the 1:0 in the 25th minute, but Shuhei Akasaki, from Saganishi High School in Saga, scored the 1:1 in the 25th minute to tie the game.

Freitag, 10. April 2009

An Avispa one...finally!

My J-Soccer Collection will grow!
I found an Avispa Jersey after a long time!
It's the 2003 away shirt


  • Avispa Fukuoka - 2003 - Away
  • Urawa Reds - 2005 - Home
  • Kashiwa Reysol - 2007/2008 - Home
Japan NT
  • 1980 Retro Shirt
  • Confed Cup 05 - Nakata Nr.7
  • Confed Cup 05 - Nakamura Nr. 10
  • Home 2008/2009

Other Stuff
  • J1 & J2 J.League Players File 2009 (Magazine)
  • National Team Fan 2006
  • Japan Flag

pitcure from Flickr-user j.league500

Montag, 6. April 2009

Gifu-Avispa - Goals

0:1 - Okubo

0:2 - Own Goal

I feel a bit sorry for Gifu's GK
he didn't have a chance to save the goals

Sonntag, 5. April 2009

[J2-R6] Gifu 0-2 Avispa

9 points in a row! 0 goals against us in 3 games!

Very good weeks for Avispa. We beated Gifu with 0:2 with goals from "Jumbo" Okubo and an own goal from the green guys.

Starting 11
GK: Yoshida
DF: Yamagata, Tanaka, Nagira, Nakajima
MF: Jogo, Wellington, Suzuki, Okamoto
FW: Takahashi, Okubo

Bench: Rokutan, Niwa, Miyahara, Kurobe, Yusuke

0:1 - 52' - Okubo
0:2 - 81' - Own Goal

83' - Okubo -> Kurobe
86' - Okamoto -> Yusuke
89' - Suzuki -> Miyahara

89' - Yusuke

So, we are well prepeart for the first Kyushu Derby in 2009 against Roasso Kumamoto at home next sunday. Takahashi should be very motivate at that game against his old club.
But we should be careful, because Roasso destroyed Consadole with 4:0 today, so they got a motivation-boost too.

Avispa Homeshopping TV

To kill time till the game versus FC Gifu beginns, here are some homeshopping tipps for the costumers.

Try the new Avispa Fukuoka-12 lipstick!
Just 700 Yen and your lips will thank you after a day at the stadium!

or try our Avispa Fukuoka athlete massage cream!
You can feel how the players feel after a game for just 3000 Yen!!!

But seriously.....who needs that shit?

Freitag, 3. April 2009

Takahashi vs. YFC

Takahashi's supergoal against Yokohama and the Interview after the game!