Sonntag, 5. September 2010

[90thEC - R2] Okayama 2-3 Avispa

We did it again! Similar situation before the game, similar situation during the game, similar situation after the game like last week against Toyama!
We turned arround a 2:0-down into a 2:3-victory in the 2nd half of the 2nd round's 90th Emperor's Cup-game against Fagiano Okayama!
There was one suprising change in the starting 11. Kamiyama must suffer an injury, because Rokutan played and Kasagawa was on bench...
It started not good for us again after Fagi made 2 goals in short time, but Shino must found the right words again to cheer his guys up to show an other game in the 2nd half.
13 minutes into 2nd half, Okamoto headed the 2:1 after a corner. Just 6 minutes later, it was time for a Jogoal again! His 5th in the last 4 games! So the game was tied up and everything looked like both teams have to into extra-time, but then Avispa's best in the last weeks Kosuke Nakamachi scored the final goal to the first win against Fagiano in history and the final goal to the 3rd round of Emperor's Cup with a PK in injury-time! Let's call us "The Comebackers"!

Starting 11

GK: Rokutan
DF: Yamagata, Niwa, Tanaka, Nakajima
MF: Kudo, Nakamachi, Sueyoshi, Nagasato
FW: Jogo, Okamoto

Bench; Kasagawa, Miyaji, Nagira, Suzuki, Yusuke, Okubo

1:0 - 25' - Lee Dong-Myung
2:0 - 33' - Ryo Tadokoro
2:1 - 58' - Hideya Okamoto
2:2 - 64' - Hisashi Jogo
2:3 - 90'+2 - Kosuke Nakamachi

45' - Tanaka -> Nagira
56' - Kudo -> Yusuke
77' - Jogo -> Okubo

45' - Nakamachi

Okamoto's goal

Kosuke's PK

In the 3rd round, we will face Sanfrecce Hiroshima. Sanfrecce won their game easily against Dezzolla Shimane with 4:0. I think it will be a pretty good game and it would be no shame if we lose it. Anyway, i really looking foward to the game. Let's see if Daiki can control Hisato Sato or Oka and Jogo can go throgh their pretty good defence. Sanfrecce is playing in a higher league and a higher level than we do, but the last 2 games showed....WE ARE FIGHTERS!!!

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Interesting that even though Jumbo is on the pitch it is Nakamachi taking the penalty.

Looks like there has been a change in 1st choice penalty taker.