Montag, 13. September 2010

[J2-R25] Avispa 2-1 Chiba

Guys? You are officially AWSOME!!!
What a game at LEVEL 5 and what a victory! We are the Bravehearts of japanese football, but first a look at the team...
Shino put Jumbo into the Starting 11 again instead of Okamoto
It was a pretty tie game and, like in all last games, we were down with 0:1 early. A suprising longshot rocket from JEF-defender Ryota Aoki was a big punch in Avispa's belly and both, team and fans where shocked, but at the same time many fans thought "that's normal, our time will come". Chiba made alot of pressure on our goal and Daiki and Tanaka looked not so good in some situation. But we had some good situations in the 1st half too. Jogo had the best chance, but the ball hit the outsite of the post. In the 2nd half, we put some more pressure on Chiba's goal but the shots from Kudo and Sueyoshi went over the crossbar. Also JEF had some good chances in the 2nd half, but Kamiyama had another good day and saved us from a 0:2-down. The time went down and we had only 10 minutes to switch the game... After a corner from Nakajima, Daiki headed the goal to the back of the box where Yusuke stood. No defender covered him, so he tried his luck and shot the ball into the yellow wall. The ball got threw it somehow and landed in the net, after hitting some defenders. 1:1 and now everybody new "this is not the end!"
JEF seemed shocked and tried to make the 1:2 with a total offensive run. In this run, Shu Kurata failed with a pass. Nakamachi grabbed the ball and had much place to look, who is in the best position. Genki had no place and Okamoto was covered by 3 defenders, but Jogo, who ran at the right side of the box was in a good position. Nakamachi played it wide to Jogo. Jogo didn't look for a directly finish, so he stopped the ball. He dribbeled and shoted a left-footed rocket which landed in the net! We turned a game again! We made it again! With a JOGOAL again!!!
After the game, the team celebraited like we made it to the J1 already!!! I have to say, my eyes went wet at this moment. The team is more than a team!
Now the finished the 1st game of "STOP THE YELLOW! !"!

Starting 11
GK: Kamiyama
DF: Yamagata, Niwa, Tanaka, Nakajima
MF: Kudo, Nakamachi, Sueyoshi, Nagasato
FW: Jogo, Okubo

Bench: Rokutan, Nagira, Miyaji, Suzuki, Yusuke, Oyama, Okamoto
8' - 0:1 - Ryota Aoki
81' - Yusuke Tanaka
88' - Hisashi Jogo

57' - Kudo -> Yusuke
65' - Yamagata -> Miyaji
73' - Okubo -> Okamoto
14' - Nakamachi (1)
51' - Sueyoshi (1)

Yusuke's goal

Jogo's goal


Chiba was just the beginning of a series of pretty hard games. Next game will be at Yokohama against YFC, who beated the Verdy with 3:2 this weekend. After Yokohama, the Sunkings will come to Fukuoka to play the 2nd "STOP THE YELLOW! !"-match

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Anonym hat gesagt…

A point clear with a game in hand over JEF.

I hope I&m not being too optimistic, but things are starting to look good.

After the games against Kashiwa and Tosu the fixture list looks alright too.